Other Services

Rush Service
Virginia REO Preservation LLC offers rush timeframes on all inspection and property preservation work requests. Inspection requests will be completed within 72 hours of the client request. Property Preservation requests will prioritized as requested.
HUD Mailer Program
This free program sends a mailer to the property along with the inspection request. The program allows the client to obtain reimbursement from HUD on the inspection request if the mailer is not returned within 5 days.
Police Report
Upon request, Virginia REO Preservation LLC will contact the appropriate law enforcement officials to obtain the official documentation for cases of theft, vandalism or any other event at the property warranting a fire or police report.
Broker Price Opinion
This valuation provides the broker’s opinion of value based on the broker’s knowledge of the area, market trends, comparable sales and listings in the area. This opinion provides a more accurate valuation than a value inspection, but is not an appraisal. If a precise valuation is required, an appraisal may be necessary.
Environmental Remediation
Virginia REO Preservation LLC provides support with the research, identification and resolution of biohazards including: black mold infestations, chemical or oil spills, meth labs, deceased habitants, Chinese drywall remediation, asbestos issues, lead paint contamination and other miscellaneous biohazard issues.
Cash for Keys
Virginia REO Preservation LLC is available to work with listing agents and clients on the cash for keys exchange. Once the client has received the signed agreement from the occupant(s), the client will notify Virginia REO Preservation LLC of the scheduled cash for keys appointment. Virginia REO Preservation LLC will inspect the property based upon the client’s specifications and instructions. If the property meets the client’s specifications, Virginia REO Preservation LLC will complete the cash for keys exchange with the occupant(s).  If the property does NOT meet the cash for keys specifications, Virginia REO Preservation LLC will reschedule the cash for keys exchange up to two (2) times within 24-48 hours from the original cash for keys date.
Steel Boarding
Under this property preservation service type, any windows or doors at the property will be covered with steel window screens and steel security doors to stop intrusion.  This service is available where required by local law. Regulatory guidelines for installation will be followed where applicable.

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