Virginia REO Preservation LLC

Our services include property inspections, property preservation, REO property maintenance, valuation services and more.  The success of Virginia REO Preservation is the result of our continuous focus on building long-term relationships with mortgage servicers and Asset Managers based upon trust and integrity.  We strive to hire the best people in our industry who share our values and are committed to providing exceptional service.  Virginia REO Preservation has built a management team with years of combined experience in our industry, rivaling that of any field preservation company.  We are fortunate enough to serve some of the industry’s best and largest real estate servicing companies.  We’ll be happy to build a relationship with you and serve you as well. 

Virginia REO Preservation has provided creative field service solutions for the real estate and financial services industries.  Our focus is  primarily on two niche field service markets: 

  • Property preservation and maintenance (with particular emphasis on REO properties)
  • Specialty inspections

We often work with clients who require specific solutions that may fall outside routine requirements.  We are the antithesis of the traditional, high volume, “one-size-fits-all” field service companies.  We customize highly specialized services to address the unique needs of each client. 

Industry Innovation 
Virginia REO Preservation has a fundamental commitment to the field service industry that is represented both by our active participation in industry affairs and by several industry-related innovations that benefit all field service customers.  

We believe that leading field service firms should provide strong participation in industry trade association activities.  Field service leaders should also play a key role in the initial definition and the on-going refining of industry standards.  Industry-wide participation of our management group has always been an important philosophy of Spectrum’s. 

As the field service industry constantly improves its service capabilities, industry leaders again should take the lead in the development of these new processes.  

Creative Solutions
Virginia REO Preservation can design a solution to exactly meet your requirements.  You can use one of our time-tested, off-the-shelf solutions, or we can consult with you to create a completely new form, process, product, or inspection tailored to your unique situation. 

Although we are known for the quality of our work and our customer service, our technology is considered by many loan services to be the best available, giving you immediate access to critical information.


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